I’ve beeing writing code for 15 years. I’ve been a:
team leader
team member
lone gunman

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swilliams LLC

This is my company. I decided to hang my shingle out there and do consulting on my own terms. It’s worked out well so far and I’ve collaborated with some great clients. I've shipped products for up and coming startups, large corporations, and everywhere in between. I've used iOS, Rails, HTML 5, and lots of JavaScript (on the client and server).


The best soundboard app for your iPad. On the App Store. Read more.


A nice Ruby gem for quickly talking to remote APIs and turning JSON web services into Ruby models. Check it out on GitHub.


My almost startup. Shootsy was created to help photographers manage their business. You could schedule photo shoots, manage and communicate with clients, and invoice. Get the full story.


Don't take my word for it, here is what others say about me.

Scott is hands down one of the best technical talents I've worked with. We collaborated with him on a project that spread widely across multiple platforms and services. I was really impressed with how he handled the big parts of the project. He's definitely not afraid to tackle the ins and outs of his assigned duties. Scott and his services will be a huge asset on any team. John, Team Leader at RevSpring
Scott has taken a more active role in solving problems on [the] project. He has made several recommendations on design and problem solving which have been effective. He is a confidant with the project's technical lead and is recognized as a strong contributor. Kirk, Director, Consulting Services at Neudesic
In my opinion, Scott has done an amazing job keeping his skills up to date. On the project, Scott was instrumental in the evaluation and selection of the client-side technologies we have used in the project. On [the project], Scott was the leader in teaching both the Neudesic and client developers about Coffeescript, Backbone.js, Jasmine, Handlebars and other client side technologies we use everyday. Josh, Practice Director at Neudesic
Scott’s deep knowledge on a variety of technologies and methodologies was invaluable during our infancy. It was important to have someone like Scott who could challenge the team and push us to something greater. Scott possesses the rare combination of intelligence, humor, integrity, and a solid work ethic. Brad, President of Trans-Soft, Inc
Scott is an immensely talented and proficient web developer. His capacity to develop compelling web interfaces with solid coding strategies and breadth of tools makes discovering his code and techniques a memorable activity. He also teaches and mentors with clarity. Jon, a colleague
Scott was an incredibly valuable member of the team to deliver the internal system for LifeLock's custom enterprise CRM system. He took ownership of the architecture/builds for integrating LifeLock's java-based service bus with the 3 .Net UI tiers. Scott went above and beyond working extra hours to meet a very aggressive project schedule and raised issues in a proactive manner. Crystal, former manager
Scott has a strong grasp of technology and stays current with the latest tools and technologies. These skills have been applied to the project. He is a technical resource to others and has spent time outside of work learning topics such as Node.js and iOS development. [He] saw a need for a UX role and stepped into that leadership position. He has been able to handle the pressure of a highly-visible role that has required making tough decisions. He lead team members through the UI framework changes giving them both the vision and technical details to succeed. Mark, Manager at Neudesic


Emergency Contacts

Quick access emergency information on your iPhone


A port of the DB5 iOS configuration library to Swift

Photo Booth

Hook a DSLR up to an iMac and have it take pictures


A Chrome extension giving you Trollicons in Campfire Chat

5by5 Soundboard

Soundbites from various 5by5 Podcasts


iPad based flash card app

Rachel & Meredith Quest

A basic top-down Zelda like game I made for my daughters


A port of wysihat to use jQuery

Family Feud

A recreation of the classic TV show, used with a PC and a projector

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iOS 5-8 · Objective C · Swift


jQuery · node · Backbone · Ember · Angular · Grunt · Jasmine


Rails 2-4 · Sinatra · rspec · factory girl · Capistrano · Sphinx · RabbitMQ

Web Design

HTML 5 · CSS 3 · Responsive Design

Grab Bag

git · Mercurial · nginx · Apache · redis · MongoDB · SQL Server · PostgreSQL · MySQL · SQLite


.NET 1-4 · C# · ASP.NET MVC · redis · TFS · WCF · Python 2 · Perl · VB.NET

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